Too Many Tools With Specialized Workflows?


Woost is the new collaboriation tool that is flexible, simple and yet powerful
thanks to its revolutionary technology.

What's great about Woost?

Use only the tools you really need – and decide new for each project and task.

Re-assign tasks or move them to a different project altogether; nothing is fixed and can be changed forever.

Order projects and tasks in unlimited hierarchies, just like you know from your desktop folders.

Add chats to each project and task and only allow the people to talk which have something valuable to contribute.

Use simple checklists or customizable Kanban boards to organise what needs to be done.

Upload and share files with your team, work together on your notes to create a growing and flexible wiki.

The easy-to-use interface allows you to create new project easily and lets you focus on getting things done.

Use tags and sub-tags to categorize and quickly find the information you are looking for.

Keep track of your deadlines and progress with automatic status updates – across all hierarchies of your projects

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