Organize. Lean back.

Woost allows single ToDo items to live in checklists of different companies at the same time. With strong automation, flexible nesting and fine granular permissions, Woost adapts to your needs. No coding skills required.

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Still managing your clients via E-Mail and Excel?

Woost might be a great fit for you.

Define a process once that consists of phases and steps that are the same for all clients. This means less thinking, fewer mistakes and higher efficiency for you.

For each phase upload files, write notes and define tasks to be done by the coach and the client.

Get an overview of your employees, clients and their current phases. Zoom in to Focus.

Coaches have tasks, clients their homework. Track the progress of both.

Collaborate with your clients in dedicated workspaces. Clients can only see what they need to see.

See your assigned tasks and their deadlines for all clients in one central place.

Take notes, add individual tasks, provide special material for each client.

Your subscription includes a contingent of free client accounts, so you don't have to worry about paying a subscription fee for individual clients.

If you have new insights about your process, simply improve it at any time.

Keep an overview in a multi management-user-client process with one pipeline for all clients.

Define a standarized format for all tickets and make sure the necessary information is available.

Share the same process across all suppliers, but define what they are able to see.

Automatically add tasks, relevant documents, information or reminders in a single step.

Automatically add simple tasks or define complete processes with phases for your customers and monitor their progress.

Reduce e-mail by communicating with a real chat instead of e-mail or simple comments at each card.

Keep an overview of your team and their tasks.

Create tasks and projects and delegate them easily.

Monitor how your team performs and automatically send reminders.

Create automation for reminders, delegation, responsibilities or even projects and sprints.

Share tasks with other teams and watch their progress.

What's unique about Woost?

Keep control of your data - all data is stored on servers in Germany and protected by European privacy laws.

Start with a simple checklist and evolve into the management of complex, automated business processes.

Organize projects, tasks, or even tags into hierarchies like you know it from files and folders.

Our template-based automation enables you to reduce repetitive tasks, save time and make fewer mistakes.

Use only the tools you really need, and make new decisions for each project. Configure sorting, grouping, and filtering as needed.

Whether task, message or note, treat it like a project and put custom tools and content inside.

Upload files and attach them to individual tasks, subtasks, custom fields, messages, notes - anywhere it makes sense.

Instead of a limited comment function, you can have a full-blown chat about any item.

Easily drag items into other projects to organize them or hand them over to another team.

Maintain precise control over permissions and notifications at all levels of the hierarchy.

See your assigned tasks and their deadlines in one central place.

All transmitted data is reliably encrypted with SSL.

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