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From today on we want to keep you up to date and tell you what's going on with us and how we're developing Woost.

We are three founders from Aachen who got to know each other during their studies. About three years ago we noticed that there are big, but not very obvious problems with digital collaboration and communication. Since then, we have been thinking about why these problems emerge and how to prevent them. We have also dealt with this topic in our master theses. Johannes' and Felix' master theses addressed the modeling and collaborative moderation of communication. Julius' master's thesis continued the problem with a topic on the collective structuring of discussions.

After his master thesis, Felix continued his research at the RWTH Aachen University on better digital models for communication. Also in his private environment Felix repeatedly came across inadequate structuring possibilities for current solutions. When organizing large sport events with teams spread around the world, the overview of communication via e-mail or chat got lost. As a result, nobody was really up to date and decisions could only be made slowly.

Johannes joined Philips Lighting as a software developer after completing his master's thesis. There he came into contact with the digital communication infrastructure in large companies and quickly recognized a very large, unused potential in the interface between communication software and people.

Julius worked as a freelancer during his studies and the integration of external employees into the existing collaboration platforms was very inconvenient in many cases.

In short, we were not satisfied with the existing software. We experienced problems in communication and collaboration within companies. A year ago we decided to take up our ideas again and work out a new solution. Our goal is to develop a software that does everything right - Woost. With Woost we want to create structuring possibilities that are as flexible as the thoughts of the people themselves. Everyone should find the desired information and be able to contribute to it.

Our vision of enterprise collaboration combines the advantages of the digital and analog world and eliminates unnecessary overhead. The user is supported and assisted whenever possible. The company should be able to map itself holistically and without compromise digitally - similar to what is already known from folder structures. Even complex and cross-team processes of a company should be modeled in a simple way. Woost also offers direct advantages for private use, as it is easy to set up a shared shopping list or chat for a group of friends.

Enjoy the new features and posts. We are looking forward to your opinions, questions and ideas and are generally looking forward to your feedback.

See you soon!

Julius, Johannes and Felix - Your Woost Team

Founder Team: Johannes, Julius & Felix

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