Profile Image

Use a profile image to add a more personal touch and ease identification.

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Exporting tables to CSV (Excel)

Tables can be exported and used in Excel or similar software.

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New Notification Views

A new notification system yields to an improved processing of different types of information like messages and tasks.

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Left Sidebar: Bookmark Switch and Filter

We added a switch in the left sidebar for you to show all projects or only bookmarked projects as well as a filter to find a particular project.

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Use HTML and CSS

You can build pretty descriptions and notes now by using html and css.

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More template variables and help

We added morel template variables and improved our help texts.

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Copy projects and nodes

You can copy a node via the settings menu to use it as manual template.

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Show multiple views side-by-side

You can now show multiple views side by side. Just hold CTRL while clicking the tab!

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Create new Task from Chat

It happens quite often, that new tasks emerge from a discussion. Now you can easily create a new task from a conversation by selecting the corresponding messages. These messages will appear as comments in the new task.

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Resync automation template changes

Have you ever changed an automation template and wanted the changes to be applied on current or previous automations? With the new Re-Sync with templates feature, this is now possible.

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