Basic Tutorial

Make your first steps with the help of our new tutorial.

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Profile Image

Use a profile image to add a more personal touch and ease identification.

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Exporting tables to CSV (Excel)

Tables can be exported and used in Excel or similar software.

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New Notification Views

A new notification system yields to an improved processing of different types of information like messages and tasks.

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Use HTML and CSS

You can build pretty descriptions and notes now by using html and css.

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Reference Templates

We are getting serious with our flexibility and expressiveness of automations by introducing template references. In its current version, the interface might be a bit confusing due to its complexity, but once you are familiar with it, you will love the gained flexibility.

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Placeholder in Automations

Whenever you work with data or properties, you will likely use the new placeholder capabilities of Woost. Using placeholders, you can define your structure and necessary properties in a card.

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Template Variables

We are introducing template variables allowing you to use properties of cards in automations. This allows the automatic generation of forms, chats or notes that reference these properties.

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Vote on upcoming features

If you have a suggestion for a new feature, you can tell us by clicking Feedback/Support > Vote on Features. You can also vote on features suggested by others, so we know what our users want the most.

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Integrated Chat Support

We have added a new, real-time chat support for our app-users. So, if you have a question, a problem, want to give feedback or just want to chat with us, you can use our support chat. Easily open it at the top under Feedback/Support.

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