Cleaner UI

Cleaner UI to better focus on important things.

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Left Sidebar: Bookmark Switch and Filter

We added a switch in the left sidebar for you to show all projects or only bookmarked projects as well as a filter to find a particular project.

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More template variables and help

We added morel template variables and improved our help texts.

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Create new Task from Chat

It happens quite often, that new tasks emerge from a discussion. Now you can easily create a new task from a conversation by selecting the corresponding messages. These messages will appear as comments in the new task.

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Resync automation template changes

Have you ever changed an automation template and wanted the changes to be applied on current or previous automations? With the new Re-Sync with templates feature, this is now possible.

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Show / hide properties on cards

By using the table view or editing a card in the right sidebar, it is possible to define which properties should be visible on the card in the kanban board. On default, all properties are hidden to keep the kanban UI clean.

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Emoji picker for projects and public hint in sidebar

From now on, it is very easy to choose an emoji for your project. We integrated our emoji picker in the New Project dialogue. Furthermore, whenever a folder or project is public, an indicator is shown in the left sidebar.

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Push Notifications on iOS

Since iOS does not support native web push yet, we integrated, which you can activate to receive push-notifications on iOS today.

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Mention users

You can now mention users or all members of a project. Just write @username or @projectname and the respective users will receive an email notification. Using @all corresponds to all members of the current project.

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Relative Due Dates

You can now use relative due dates in automation templates. It allows you to automatically set a due date from the point in time when the automation was triggered.

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